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Due to the price of silver we no longer make the Silver Eagle spy coin. 


There has been some confusion about the hollow Quarter.  It will NOT encapsulate the Micro SD Memory Card.  It's just plain to small.  Sorry folk wish it would work but it won't.


Micro Roo

The MicroRoo, made from an actual Australian $1 coin, has the capacity to encapsulate the Micro SD memory card.  Like all of our hollow spy coins, the MicroRoo is absolutely indistinguishable from a solid coin to the naked eye, and can be safely handled without danger of separation.  To order the MicroRoo, please see or products page.

Dead Drop Spike in Solid Titanium

Titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal, and the alloy used on this spike...Titanium alloy 6Al-4v... is stronger than mild steel, non-magnetic and extremely resistant to corrosion.  It is the same alloy commonly used to fabricate artificial hips and other joints.

This spike is made from solid bar stock, has a threaded removable head and an o-ring seal to keep its contents waterproof.  These spikes and similar devices are used by spies and subversives to hide, transfer and retrieve notes, cash and small items.  Its shape allows it to be pounded into the ground for a later retrieval, and it has a rawhide thong attached.  It has a natural matte unpainted finish, and its dimensions are 3/4" in diameter by approx. 6" in length. 

Hollow Stainless Steel Bolt

We are now offering our hollow bolt in type 304 (18/8) Stainless Steel.  These bolts have a nice matte finish, and will withstand moisture and mildly corrosive atmospheres. 

Micro Dollar

The MicroDollar Hollow Spy Coin measures 1.043" in diameter, with a thickness of .079'.  It is made from actual US Presidential dollar coins, and will vary on president depending upon availability.  MicroSD card not included.

The 1 Hollow Coin "Micro Pound"  click on the coin picture for more information.

Short History of Hollow Spy Coins

During the Cold War, Spies from both the East and West used Hollow Coins to ferry secret messages, suicide poisons, and microfilms undetected.  

On May 1st, 1960 U2 Pilot Francis Gary Powers was shot down over the Soviet Union and taken captive.  In his possession was a hollow silver dollar containing a poisoned needle that was to be used to take his own life in such a circumstance.  For one reason or another, he did not use it and was held for 21 months by the Soviets.

He was then exchanged for Soviet spy KGB Colonel Vilyam Fisher (aka Rudolf Abel) at the Glienicke Bridge, in Berlin, Germany.  

Colonel Fisher was also no stranger to hollow coins...his original capture by the United States FBI was directly related to a hollow nickel that was used to transport microfilm.  Read about the Hollow Nickel Case on the USA FBI Website.  Just click on the green FBI button  below.


On the "List of Products"   page is a complete list of our fully  functional hollow
spy coins.  They are all precision machined from actual coins, and are absolutely indistinguishable from a solid coin to the naked eye.  

They can be safely handled without danger of separation, and could easily circulate without detection.

These products are proudly made in The USA.  

Although the technology of the hollow coin is not new, the data media is.  Four of our coins are specially machined to secure the MicroSD Memory Card, which has capacities of several gigabytes.

To place your order click on "List of our Products".  

U2 Pilot Francis Gary Powers KGB Colonel Vilyam Fisher (aka Rudolf Abel)
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