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The Titanium
Escape Ring adds
another tool to the
operator's E&E
options for
escaping captivity.


The blade of this
innovative new
covert escape knife is
concealed inside of a
fifty-cent US coin!

Nickel Knife

The blade of this
innovative new covert
escape tool is discreetly
concealed inside of a

Micro Escape Tool

The Micro Escape Tool is
a tiny, easily concealed
handcuff shim pick with
built-in saw teeth.

Food Procurement
Survival Kit

The Food
Procurement Survival
Kit provides you with
a great head start in
collecting protein in a
survival situation

Survival Fish Hooks
(2 pack)

These unique fish
hooks were designed
for survival situations
where you
can’t afford to let a
catch get away.

Covert Escape Compass

This unique new covert
compass was inspired by
the various escape
compasses developed
during WWII and issued to
Allied airmen and
commandos as part of their
escape & evasion kits.

Hollow Spy Coins

Dead Drop Devices

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and Law Enforcement
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Micro Escape Kit

The new Micro Escape
Kit is our most miniature
and comprehensive
escape kit.