The Dereu & Sons Mfg. Co.

During the Cold War, Spies
from both the East and West
used Hollow Coins to ferry
secret messages, suicide
poisons, and microfilms

On May 1st, 1960 U2 Pilot
Francis Gary Powers was
shot down over the Soviet
Union and taken captive.  In
his possession was a
hollow silver dollar
containing a poisoned
needle that was to be used
to take his own life in such
a circumstance.  For one
reason or another, he did
not use it and was held for
21 months by the Soviets.

He was then exchanged for
Soviet spy KGB Colonel
Vilyam Fisher (aka Rudolf
Abel) at the Glienicke
Bridge, in Berlin, Germany.  

Colonel Fisher was also no
stranger to hollow
coins...his original capture
by the United States FBI
was directly related to a
hollow nickel that was used
by his crew to transport
All of our hollow spy coins are precision machined
from actual coins, and are absolutely indistinguishable
from a solid coin to the naked eye.  

They can be safely handled without danger of
separation, and could easily circulate without

These products are proudly made in The USA.  

Although the technology of the hollow coin is not new,
the data media is.  Many of our coins are specially
machined to secure the MicroSD Memory Card, which
has capacities of several gigabytes.
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Whether you are a photojournalist needing to
move sensitive photographs out of North Korea, a
corporate operative trying to get the upper hand
on BAE, or just simply need a good hiding place to
store love letters, our hollow spy coins will fit the
Welcome to our website.  During
the Corona Struggle we are open
and will continue to make and sell
hollow spy coins.  We have coins
in stock and are shipping daily.